1. Introduction

1.1. The website www.oddsmiser.com and its applications, extensions and all related tools to www.oddsmiser.com belongs and are operated by OddsMiser Limited. OddsMiser Limited (from now on referred as "owner", "we", “our”, “site” “OddsMiser”). These terms act as a legally binding contract between OddsMiser Limited Ltd, the providers of the algorithms from now on referred to as the “Quant House” and end-users, from now on referred as the “User”. By using the website, you agree to these terms and conditions in their entirety.

1.2. To enter this Agreement, you must be of legal age in your jurisdiction or at least 18 years old of residence and be legally eligible to be bound by this Agreement. You shall be able and capable to enter and agree with the terms, conditions and obligations outlined in this Agreement. By accepting this Agreement, we can assume that you can be bound by it. You may not use this website if you are under the legal age to do so.

2. Site Content

2.1. Values and Figures displayed on Oddsmiser.com

You understand that oddsmiser.com does not facilitate betting on sports; is not a sportsbook/bookmaker, and does not handle any payments for sports betting purposes. All statistics and data on the website are calculated using hypothetical scenarios and figures. Values on the website hold no real or implied value - they do not have any redemption value.

2.2. Intellectual Property

2.2.1. Unless otherwise explicitly stated, all rights to www.oddsmiser.com are owned by OddsMiser Limited and are protected by international copyright, trademark, trade secret and other intellectual property or proprietary rights laws.

2.2.2. Rights owned by OddsMiser Limited include but are not limited to: website design, technology, branded images, logo, proprietary data, software code and infrastructure, content. OddsMiser does not have any property claims with regards to the user content, meaning content generated by the users.

2.2.3. By entering into this Agreement with www.oddsmiser.com and its applications, extensions and other tools related to www.oddsmiser.com you agree that any improvements made to OddsMiser site based on your feedback, suggestion or idea will become the property of OddsMiser Limited and are done under your own free will without any financial or different than financial compensation.

2.2.4. By using OddsMiser site and its applications, extensions and other tools related to www.oddsmiser.com, you hereby agree to give all rights to OddsMiser Limited to signals provided using Oddsmiser system. We might use or incorporate the provided results into OddsMiser site and its applications, extensions and other tools related to www.oddsmiser.com. Furthermore, we can use data generate to improve OddsMiser site and its applications, extensions and other tools related to www.oddsmiser.com, or add new services. OddsMiser site and its applications, extensions and other tools related to www.oddsmiser.com own any data generated by your use of the Site, excluding your content.

2.2.5. You agree to consider and treat all premium content provided to you as strictly confidential until oddsmiser.com makes said content publicly available. You therefore also agree not to directly or indirectly disclose all/part of the signals you receive to any third parties whatsoever, this includes but is not limited to posting the information on social media platforms, forums, media websites.

2.2.6. Some personal data may be desensitised and aggregated by OddsMiser to improve the performance of the website and the overall User experience by tailoring features to general trends and behaviors.

2.3. Risk Disclosure

2.3.1. Past performance of a Quant House and an algorithm is not an indication of future results.

2.3.2. OddsMiser provides a place to track the performance of an algorithm and see their latest signal.

2.3.3. OddsMiser does not advocate betting real money based on this information and cannot be held responsible for any losses due to acting on the information. Any actions a user takes based on information provided should be carefully considered, understanding both the strengths and limitations of past performance-based statistics.

2.3.4. OddsMiser does not provide investment advice.

3. RETAIL User Accounts

3.1. User Membership

3.1.1. Anyone of legal age is permitted to create a user account on oddsmiser.com. All that is required is a valid email address and an agreement to these Terms and Conditions.

3.1.2. You can upgrade your account using various tools provided on oddsmiser.com. This can help customise your experience, but it is not required.

3.2. Free User

3.2.1. Being a free member, the OddsMiser site is available to all members above the legal age in the jurisdiction where they are based.

3.2.2. Being a free member of OddsMiser allows you to do the following: Access to each algorithm statistics Subscribe to a different algorithm Use OddsMiser forum Use any other free content or materials on OddsMiser site

3.2.3. As a free, user, you expressly grant permission to oddsmiser.com to display your content on our website, on social media and/or any other means.

3.2.4. As a free member, you will get unrestricted access to our free services, but you will not receive any financial compensation for the content provided.

3.3. Subscription User

3.3.1. Subscription member is available to all members of the public, above legal age that has purchased through OddsMiser website at least one subscription to an algorithm.

3.3.2. As a subscription user, you get the same privileges as a Free User, plus the following: For each algorithm, you get a trial period of 7 days without any charge. After the period of the seven days, you can select the following subscription types: Monthly Quarterly Yearly Subscriptions are not automatically renewed. Notification is sent to the User five days prior the expiration of a subscription and a reminder will be sent every two days till the expiration. Subscription payments can be made via PayPal. Based on the purchased services, you will have access to the overview of the upcoming events and the signals provided from the algorithm purchased. Use OddsMiser analytical tools and performance of algorithm tracking. Auto performance reports, automated betting suggestions based on own betting history. Everything else on OddsMiser site.

3.4. Money Return Guarantee and Refund- Subscribers

3.4.1. As a subscribed user you can cancel your paid subscription at any time before the 14 days money-back guarantee expires and we will refund the entire amount.

3.4.2. As a subscriber to one or more algorithms, you can expect a high level of service and on average of signals per week. If your algorithm doesn’t provide such a service, then contact info@oddsmiser.com as a refund may be available or an extension of your subscription at the same algorithm. Refunds or extensions can be backdated up to a maximum of 2 weeks.

3.5. Discounts and Promotions

Subscriptions and other services bought on a discount or special offers are non-refundable unless otherwise stated in the promotion offer.

3.6. Due diligence

Each Quant House is responsible for their signals and should ensure the odds provided are accurate at the time of publishing. Any odds errors found anywhere on the Site should be noted, with details sent to info@oddsmiser.com. Quant Houses agree that they will not duplicate tips.

4. Quant Houses – Algorithm providers

4.1. Quant Houses/algorithm providers are legal entities with members of the public above legal age. By participating in the OddsMiser site and platform, the Quant House/algorithm provider agrees on the term and conditions.

4.2. As a Quant House/algorithm provider, you agree on the following:

4.2.1. To provide your signals to users, that have subscriptions over your algorithms via OddsMiser.

4.2.2. The Subscription fee per algorithm is determined from OddsMiser without the need of prior Agreement with the Quant House. OddsMiser has the right to change the subscription of an algorithm, e.g. promotion.

4.2.3. Quant House agrees to provide seven days free of charge signals to OddsMiser, limited only to new subscribers to their algorithms.

4.2.4. The subscription fees are collected from OddsMiser through Paypal.

4.2.5. Net subscription fees are the subscription fees after removing the payment expenses, e.g. Paypal commissioning.

4.2.6. OddsMiser is distributing the net subscription fees, to the related Quant House, after withholding its commissioning. OddsMiser commission is determined based on the following:

a) Level 1: 70% for algorithms with less than 250 active paid users per month.

b) Level 2: 65% for algorithms with more than 250 and less than 500 active paid users per month.

c) Level 3: 60% for algorithms with more than 500 and less than 1000 active paid users per month.

d) Level 4: 55% for algorithms with more than 1000 active paid users per month.

4.2.7. Payments to Quant Houses are executed within the first 15 calendar days of the next month, e.g. Payments for January are executed until the 15 February.

4.2.8. OddsMiser offers two methods to Quant Houses to provide their signals either via FTP server or a specific API.

4.2.9. In case the Quant House requests to exchange data with OddsMiser with none of the above methods, the later will sanalyse the technical feasibility and the time required to materialise. Before any development, an additional one-time charge of 1.000€ will be charged to the Quant House.

4.2.10. All payments will be calculated to the EUR equivalent, i.e., if a user buys a membership that is €7.00/$10.00, and pays in USD, your earnings will be calculated at the EUR rate of €7.00.

4.2.11. Commission payments can be made via PayPal. The User is liable for any transfer fees associated with their preferred withdrawal method.

4.2.12. Quant Houses will have access to all analytical and calculation tools and the features available in OddsMiser.

4.2.13. In case a Quant House would like to remove an algorithm from OddsMiser, a 30 days prior written request needs to be submitted to info@oddsmiser.com. Furthermore, the Quant House needs to agree with OddsMiser to provide the algorithm service to all existing subscribers or to refund the remaining entire subscription fee.

5. Quant House - Algorithm Minimum Requirements

5.1. Being a Quant House is a highly responsible task but an equally lucrative opportunity. We apply a fair market policy to both users and Quant Houses where our ultimate goal is to keep both parties happy with the service. In case you feel that you have been mistreated, please contact us at info@oddsmiser.com.

a) As a Quant House, you must provide a reasonable level of service to paying subscribers. Failure to provide an average of signal per week during a subscriber’s membership may result in a partial refund (based on a weekly pro-rata basis), this will be reflected in your earnings, in your admin area.

b) You must not use the Site to advertise any other non-OddsMiser service. If any Quant House is found using OddsMiser to promote other services or services that OddsMiser deems a competitor, we reserve the right to close the account and charge the costs of termination.

c) As a Quant House, you agree that once your tip is published and send to paying subscribers, you will not be able to adjust the selection. In case you have made a typing error or any other type of error, please make sure you delete the tip as soon as possible. Your subscribers will be automatically notified. Once that is done you will be able to republish the correct tip, your subscribers will be automatically notified again.

d) If for some reason a Quant House is unable to provide the minimum volume of signals required, please contact us at info@oddsmiser.com so that we can assist you.

e) As a Quant House, you should always provide accurate information related to your betting signals. That includes but not limited to correct odds at the time of the tip being published.

f) As a Quant House, you should make sure that the analysis you are providing related to the signals is yours and not plagiarized by other users. The use of someone else text or content is forbidden.

g) As a Quant House, you agree that you will not duplicate probabilities, fake post information or try to manipulate their betting performance results.

h) As a Quant House, you agree not to promote unreasonable gambling activities that can expose your subscribers to financial risk.

i) As a Quant House, you agree to do your best to remain disciplined during losing runs and not chase losses or promote high-risk money management strategies such as but not limited to Martingale.

j) As a Quant House, you agree not to use OddsMiser site and its applications, extensions and other tools related to www.oddsmiser.com to neither promote nor advertise but not limited to: violence, racism, hate speech, terrorism, unsolicited marketing materials, non OddsMiser service, and other betting or tipping services.

5.2. Failure to comply with the above standards may result in your account being permanently restricted or terminated. In a situation where you are violating any of the above rules but not limited to, we reserve the right to close your account and retain the balance associated with your account.

6. Predictions

6.1. Following signals from OddsMiser does not guarantee or promise you to make money from sports betting. The signals are with an informative purpose only. Any form of sports betting involves risk. They are designed to show you the probable outcome of an event happening and highlight bookmaker under or overestimation in creating odds.

6.2. By reading or following OddsMiser signals or other services, including but not limited to free and paid signals provided by third parties on the OddsMiser website (www.oddsmiser.com) you agree with the fact that participating in OddsMiser is associated with risks - fully accept the risk of possible losses, that can occur as a result of using OddsMiser service including but not limited to signals, free signals, paid signals and any other information provided by third parties available on OddsMiser site. OddsMiser site and its applications, extensions and other tools related to oddsmiser.com shall not be held accountable or liable to You or Any User of OddsMiser site and its applications, extensions and other tools related to oddmiser.com for any direct or indirect damages arising from the use of the OddsMiser, free signals, paid signals and any other information provided by third parties.

7. Liability

7.1. OddsMiser shall not be held accountable or liable to You or any User of the oddsmiser.com website for any direct or indirect damages arising from the use of the Site. This includes, but is not limited to loss of business.

7.2. Content provided by third parties on the Site that is used for events, markets, results and odds is published as it is when supplied to us.

7.3. We are not responsible for the accuracy or timeliness of this third party information.

7.4. It is the responsibility of the User to take appropriate steps to verify this information before using it or acting upon it.

7.5. We cannot be deemed responsible for the content of any third party website you visit when leaving our website via a link provided by Us or any other User and cannot be held liable for any loss or damages you incur as a result thereof.

7.6. We will endeavor to maintain 100% uptime of the website. We shall not be held liable for any damage caused by site downtime due to unforeseen circumstances, site maintenance or otherwise.

7.7. OddsMiser will not be liable for damages if any notifications of new content are missed by the User.

7.8. You, the User, must inform us if you believe a result has been recorded incorrectly. We cannot be held liable for such errors, but can amend any legitimate errors brought to our attention.

7.9. Odds and results data come from a third party feed. We cannot be held responsible if the feed is incorrect or not available at any given time. By agreeing to use our service, the User gives OddsMiser permission to use/collate any data entered by the User on this Site. The data will be used to monitor your performance, which will in future be used to show potential customers about how you perform month-by-month (and by any other period).

7.10. You certify to OddsMiser that You agree to these Terms and Conditions, including but not limited to legal fees, awards of damages, losses or costs that We may incur as a result of any claim made directly or indirectly based on the violation of these Terms and Conditions.

8. Account Security and Termination

8.1. You agree and fully understand that you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your Oddsmiser account credentials. You agree that you will not provide misleading or untrue information to OddsMiser site and its applications, extensions and other tools related to www.OddsMiser.com. You agree to keep your account up to date and notify us for any changes. You can do that by contacting us at info@OddsMiser.com.

8.2. If you have any doubts that anyone else has access to your account, please notify us immediately by contacting us at info@OddsMiser.com.

8.3. We reserve the right to close your account at any time for any reason without notice. Terminating this Agreement might destroy all information associated with you. The decision will be made at the sole discretion of OddsMiser and can be made without any cost, charge or liability.

9. Changes to this Agreement

9.1. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion to modify or replace these Terms and Conditions at any time. We will do our best to notify you when terms and conditions have been changed. However, it is your responsibility to stay up to date with the www.OddsMiser.com and its applications, extensions and other tools terms and conditions.

9.2. Your continued use of www.OddsMiser.com and its applications, extensions and other tools after any such changes constitutes your acceptance of the new Terms and Conditions.

10. Warranty Disclaimer

10.1. By agreeing to these terms and condition, you understand and fully agreed that the use of OddsMiser site and its applications, extensions and other tools related to www.OddsMiser.com is at your sole risk.

10.2. OddsMiser site and its applications, extensions and other tools related to www.OddsMiser.com do not make any warranty that:

a) The service will meet your expected requirements.

b) The quality of the service and information available on the Site will be accurate and reliable.

c) The Site will be always up and running.

d) That no bugs will occur.

10.3. No warranties will be created by information (written or otherwise) obtained by you from OddsMiser site and its applications, extensions and other tools related to www.OddsMiser.com or the service unless explicitly stated in the Terms and Conditions.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur, adipisicing elit. Sed doloribus illo non quaerat consequuntur? Neque est obcaecati ex blanditiis inventore!

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