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Startup OddsMiser provides sport betting strategies based on Artificial Intelligence

Tallinn, 7.09.2021 

The billion Dollar sport betting business has not changed in the recent decades: You have Bookies, Tipster and Newspapers/Sports channels/Apps to inform you and decide to set a bet. With the rise of data processing and artificial intelligence new possibilities and advantages are available for the first time for everyone.

The new start up OddsMiser offer these services for Individual, Professional players and Betting syndicates. The Nicosia based company is specialized in data analytics and new technologies like machine learning. Based on these methods, new algorithms have been setup to provide efficient prediction and reporting on sports events. The two main algorithms categories are Horseracing and eSports like CS: GO (Counter Strike GO), LOL (League of Legends) & DOTA2 (Defense of the Ancients 2).

Timos Boumpoulis, OddsMiser's CEO, commented: “The sports betting market is large, but fragmented, while sporting events are highly structured and repeated. We think artificial intelligence will be the story over the next five years. OddsMiser, especially with its Retail version, will be our story over the next five years “.

Theo Koumis, OddsMiser's Chairman, added: “Sports trading can provide an attractive option to investors as an alternative asset to generate excess returns which are uncorrelated to their existing portfolio. OddsMiser with its Professional and Syndicate versions will be a necessary tool in this direction”.

About OddMiser

OddsMiser is a data-driven technology start-up company focused on cutting-edge research, analysis, trading and tools for the sports betting market. It provides data signals from the market analysis to set up sport betting strategies.

OddsMiser provides data-driven knowledge for each of the mentioned target groups to help to reduce their risk in placing bets. Thus, OddsMiser's value proposition is to increase the return on investment (ROI) of bets based on quantitative methods.

Different algorithms based on specific sports events;

Reduce risks in bets by personalised signals based on players profile;

Minimised manual interaction to place bets via the app

For further information, contact:

Ludger Stienemeier
Mykorisa Digital Consulting  
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